Hillcreek Yarn now sells eGift Cards

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Now Carrying Tools by Al Snipes

All of our Navajo Weaving Tools, and many of our wooden weaving and spinning tools, have been created by Al Snipes. Al’s tools are sought after because of his unique designs and attention to detail.

Welcome to Hillcreek Yarn Shoppe

We are dedicated to providing a friendly, full service yarn shop with supplies and classes for knitting, crochet, spinning, dyeing, felting and weaving. We personally select Indie Dyed yarns and handmade products from around the country and make them available to our local and online community! Check back regularly to see what’s new, or make a request for a product.

Due to COVID-19, we are greatly expanding our online offerings.

Not only does this include new tools and products that can be shipped directly to you, but we are also offering live video classes and events. If you are interested in a class not currently scheduled, contact Bex and see what can be worked out. We always try to serve our customers and spread the love of fiber.

Get to know us!

HIllcreek Yarn Shoppe was founded in 2003 as a daughter company of Hillcreek Fiber Studio, which is owned and operated by Carol Leigh Brack-Kaiser, Bex’s mother. We have finally moved the brick and mortar store home to a beautiful building husband, Eric, built behind our home.