It is so wonderful to be able to spend time at home while still running my business from my new shop/studio building. We are still transitioning slowly, making a little progress each day. I will be here at Hillcreek Yarn Shoppe today, Wednesday, April 25 thru Friday, then Monday thru Thursady next week. I will be home regular hours May 8-16.Come on out (call first Call now if you would like to schedule tutoring or class time with me during this time. Also call if you would like me to bring anything specific to the following shows as I won’t have much time to restock or reorder between shows:

April 28 All Missouri Spin In

May 5-6 Mid Plains Fiber Fair

May 19-20 Kentucky Sheep and Fiber Festival

May 25-26 Middle Tennessee Fiber Festival

June 1-2 Hoosier Hills Fiber Festival