Hi there friends!

We’ve been home for a couple weeks and I may almost be caught up with paperwork and other things that get shoved to the back burner when we are on the road (ie house cleaning…). We only have a couple more shows this year so you will have a lot more opportunity to come see us. Call when we’re open regular shop hours to arrange for tutoring or classes in knitting, crochet, weaving or dyeing.

Here is our schedule for the next little while:

September 11-19: open regular hours at the shop.

September 21-22: Fiber Daze, Mount Vernon, MO, teaching and vending

September 24-October 11: regular shop hours

October 13: Lake Area Fiber Arts Festival, Camdenton, MO, vending

October 15-23: regular hours

October 24-28: Southeast Animal Fiber Festival, Asheville, NC, vending and teaching

October 30 on: regular hours


Estate Sale

Last month I got word that a long time good customer and friend, Roselia Sisson, had passed away from cancer. I met with her daughter, Teri, and agreed to buy and pass on Roselia’s amazing and vast stash. After going through 22 tubs and 10 boxes of yarn (whew, I feel better about my stash) we donated over 400 pounds of yarn to wonderful local folks knitting and crocheting for cancer, Alzheimer’s, baby’s and at risk kids. That said, I still have 15 tubs of yarn that needs a new home. We are arranging space in the garage to put out an estate sale, but, for now, we set up tables in the driveway every day that it doesn’t rain. Everything in the tubs is 50-90% off of the original price. Come get some great deals before it’s all gone!

Only some of the yarns available.