Our triple booth Mid-Plains Fiber Fair 2019

Hey Fibery Folks!

Sorry you haven’t   heard from me in such a long time. We have been busy, busy, busy traveling the country to come see you all! Since I last wrote, we’ve been to Mississippi, Colorado, Texas, Indiana and Nebraska for shows and to Louisiana and two Missouri venues for Trunk show/ Workshops. We are actually home 2-3 days a week, on average. Sometimes we are even here for 10 days in a row! The shop is always open on days we are home. If you are local, or just passing through, come on out and check out the new items we have brought back this year! Schedule private time with Bex to learn anything you want……Fiber Arts wise, anyway. Here is the schedule….as we know it….through September.

May 4, 6-8     Open at Shop

May 10-12Shepherd’s Harvest Festival, vending and teaching Continuous Strand Weaving on any

                      Shape Frame Loom……………………..Lake Elmo, MN         www.shepherdsharvestfestival.com

May14-18      Open at Shop

May 24-25Middle Tennessee Fiber Festival, organizing, vending and teaching Continuous Strand

                      Weaving on any Shape Frame Loom and 25 Things You Never Knew (about Knitting)

….Dickson, TN       www.tnfiberfestival.com

May 28-June 1     Open at Shop

June 7-9Estes Park Wool Market,  vending and demonstrating Continuous Strand Weaving

                     ….Estes Park, CO    www.estesparkeventscomplex.com/wool-market

June 11-15, 17-20   Open at Shop

June 20-22MidWest Weavers’ Conference, vending

                  …..Grinnell, IA      www.midwestweavers.org/conference

June 24-29     Open at Shop

June 29    BLUE PARTY! …………. at the Shop, Stay Tuned for details, but save the date! Columbia, MO

July1-18    Open at Shop

July 20-21Fiber “U”,  vending and teaching Continuous Strand Weaving on Any Shape Loom

…..Lebanon, MO    www.mopaca.org/fiber-u

July 21-26Christianson Native Crafts Workshop, vending and teaching multiple classes

.…Shannondale, MO     www.christiansonnativecraft.org

July 29-31, Aug 1-13    Open at Shop  Wow! Over 2 weeks!

August 16-18 Michigan Fiber Festival, vending

…..Allegan, MI    www.michiganfiberfestival.info

August 20-30     Open at Shop

September 1-6Focus on BLUE workshop taught by Bex at John C Campbell Folk School

…..Brasstown, NC      https://classes.folkschool.org/class_details.aspx?pk=21771

September 9-18    Open at Shop

September 20-21….Fiber Daze,  vending

…..Wyondotte, OK     www.fiberfolksofswmo.com/fiber-daze-2019.html

September 23-24     Open at Shop

September 26-28Fiber Fun in the ‘Sip,  vending and teaching

….Vicksburg, MS     www.fiberfuninthesip.com


Sign up for a class or come to a show just to SHOP! Let us know if you want us to bring something special for you! Call before you head to the shop just to be sure we are there!! (573) 449- 5648 (KNIT)