Come Play in our Dye Pots! Cost is $10 (min) for first 8 oz of yarn or Fiber or 2 t-shirts. $5 per shirt or 4oz after that. Natural fiber items will dye best! Fiber should be no more than 4 ounces per mesh bag to contain it. Yarn and Fabric (including t-shirts) should be no more than 8 ounces dry weight per item. Yarn should be loosely tied in a figure eight in at least 4 places per skein. All items should be washed (scoured if necessary) and free of dyes that could bleed into hot pots.  Bring rubber gloves if you don’t want to look like a smurf, plastic bags to take home wet items. Bring yarn, fiber, fabric and t-shirts to dye (we will have a variety of ready-to-dye yarn and fiber for sale in the shop). Bring clamps, clothes pins, sea shells (or anything else to try to imprint), upholstery thread and rubber bands if you have them. You are welcome to pre-tie or sew your designs. As usual, we will have more than just blue to play with. Plan to spend at least 2 hours to get satisfactory results. Come early and have more fun!

It is a Party and we will be outside all day. You should bring bug spray, sunblock, food, snacks, a fold able camp or lawn chair (and a knitting or other project) for down time and your choice of beverage in a non breakable container. We will have bottled water and a cool space in the shop to escape the heat for a few minutes. We only have one bathroom available and it is up 6 wooden stairs. There is a clean, handicap accessible bathroom at the gas station across Route B. Please plan accordingly.

Remember, this is our home, as well as my shop and studio. Please pick up after yourselves. Thank you!

Can’t wait to get our “Bluetitude On!”