All of our Navajo Weaving Tools, and many of our wooden weaving and spinning tools, have been created by Al Snipes. Al’s tools are sought after because of his unique designs and attention to detail. All his tools are shaped uniquely by him, sanded, oiled, sanded, oiled, sanded, oiled, and cured for 3 days before final buffing. His patterns and designs are unique to him. Trading Posts on the Reservation seek his tools — the best on the Res.

Hillcreek Fiber Studio and Yarn Shoppe have been working with Al for over 3 decades. We were some of his first customers back in the mid 1980’s and he’s like family to us. His late wife Cathy owned Historically Yours, a spinning and weaving shop in St. Charles, MO, and was a dear friend.

Al decided to retire from making tools at the end of 2017. We just about sold out of his gorgeous tools we had in stock. People, including us, kept begging for more of them. He finally got tired of being retired (and of being hounded for more tools), so has spent the last couple months in at Hillcreek Fiber Studio with his trailer and all his power tools, selected woods, and sanding and oiling equipment, literally camping out, just to make and bring us, and you, more of his unique tools.

Al’s 80, so don’t expect an endless supply of these unique items. Get them while you can.

His tools include:

  • Navajo Traditional Combs of several widths
  • Snipes Shaped Combs of several widths
  • Short Combs
  • Battens of various sizes
  • Wooden Hooked tools
  • Wooden Needles
  • Niddy Noddys of various sizes
  • Oriface Hooks
  • Lucets
  • Spindles, Drop and High Whorl
  • Navajo Thigh Spindles
  • and MORE