Classes and Events by Hillcreek Yarn Shoppe

Hillcreek Yarn Shoppe offers a wide variety of knitting and weaving classes. If you are interested in a class that is not currently on the schedule below, contact Bex about adding the class or about teaching a class to your group.

Note: To contribute to the social distancing effort, we are currently only offering online classes.

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Continuous-Strand Weaving



  • 25 Things You Didn’t know About Knitting
  • Beginning Continental Knitting –  for beginning knitters or those that would like to switch from English Throwing style.
  • Beginning Lace
  • Cable Knitting – with or without a cable needle
  • Double Knitting
  • Entrelac Knitting
  • Fixing: Tink, Frog, Noodle and Darn
  • Heirloom Lace Knitting from the Collections of Gloria Penning
  • Mobius Knitting
  • Project classes on any of Bex’s Knitting Patterns
  • Slip Stitch Knitting
  • Toe-UP, 2-at-a-Time
  • Two Color Brioche Knitting – flat, in the round, with or without swirls and leaves
  • Two-Handed Two-Color FairIsle Knitting
  • Twisted Traveling Stitches

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